Work With Me

A supportive community to recognize your goals with personalized programs tailored to achieve those individual goals effectively.

Health Coaching (Click here – Building Personal Resilience Program)

During your first coaching session we will spend the time learning more about who you are. This is me getting to know all about you. The purpose is for me to know more about your current health and lifestyle so you can best decide what goals and lifestyle changes you need to set and focus on.  We will go through assessments and will discuss any past and present health issues, your relationship with food, daily routines, obstacles you may be facing . We will discuss your short term and long term goals and what you want to achieve from working with me.  This session will be 60 minutes long. We will meet according to the type of program you decide. In follow up sessions we will discuss what works and what doesn’t work for you and adjust accordingly. Each session will a have a specific area of focus. Follow up sessions will cover each area in more detail, with a topic related to your goals. 

Yoga and Meditation

This Yoga Practice is a form of Hatha Yoga. It’s more than stretching and flexibility, it’s a discipline to control one’s body and mind through focus. To bring balance and health to the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual ranges. Yoga and pranayama which has been proven an effective method for improving health in addition to prevention and management of diseases.

Personal Training

Finding activities you enjoy is the key to reaching your fitness and wellness goals. Achieve your goals faster with Danielle. She is dedicated to motivating, encouraging and helping you look and feel better, while safely overcoming any hurdles you face.