How to navigate through your own spiritual awakening and recognize these patterns in each phase.

A spiritual awakening is a true realization of who YOU are and what your truth is. A Course in Miracles defines awakening as the end of the dream of separation, conflict, fear, pain and death, and the experience of the reality of the joy, peace and Love of God.

If you haven’t done so, it’s only a matter of time before you experience your very own spiritual awakening. Not to be compared to by or even with others. Millions of us have started and are going through their individual quest. It’s not a matter of if but when you begin yours. Similar to Joseph Campbell’s stages, Hero’s Journey. As we start noticing the changes in our surroundings, waking from the slumber of the matrix, I want to discuss the different phases so that you can identify which state you are in and know that you are not alone and unhinged. Everything is working out exactly as it’s supposed to.

The stages of awakening are patterns that can be identified to make sense as to what is happening to you. For some, this can be very painful and difficult. For others, it doesn’t have to be. These phases are not linear, one can experience them in different orders, at different times. It is possible to repeat these phases a few different times. For some you may experience 2 phases at the same time. Time frames can vary in each phase and can last a few days to weeks or months to a few years. In my opinion the further you are in your awakening, the phases can last a little longer than the last. Once you start your spiritual awakening, there is no turning back. At times, you’ll wish you could go back to being ignorantly bliss. But you know to much and can’t unseen the seen.

Once you identify which stage you are in, you can easily work through and understand a little more about the awakening process.

Phase 1: The Wake up (from the matrix)

One day, it’s like a switch turns your soul on either through a chaotic situation or spontaneously. You start to see things the way they really are. For those that awaken through chaos, life seems to unravel. Relationships fall apart, an illness or accident to you or someone you know may occur. Something big happens to you that stops you in your tracks. We realize that we are not in control of our life. It’s all sudden and without warning, taking us by surprise by pulling the rug from underneath us.

Not all spiritual awakenings have to be chaotic. For those that awaken spontaneously, there is no suffering or pain. As a young girl, I was always into to metaphysics and remember at the age of seven thinking, “why am I here?” I loved angels and was fascinated with space and astrology. I even loved stories about reincarnation. I never shared for fear I would be made fun of. My awakening really started to happen for me in 2007, I started reading Eckert Tolle’s book A New Earth. That moment everything changed. I started asking those deep questions again such as: There has to be more to life than this. What is my purpose?

It’s kind of like in the movie “The Wizard of Oz” when Dorothy sees a man behind the curtain “sloppily running things” pretending to know all and be the great one and realizes that she was the one who had the power within her all along.

Phase 2: The Bliss

This is when we feel connected with everything, our God, Source, or the Universe. We have a strong connection to nature, other people, places and animals, maybe even things. Our heart chakra is opening; and for some people, it may be that they are feeling these types of emotions like joy, ecstasy, bliss, compassion, excitement, high about life for the very first time. We feel freedom and have a sense of peace. We have a strong connection with our intuition. We’ll have so many A-HA moments and we may start to notice our very own spiritual talents or gifts. We tend to want to be alone, especially in nature. We start to experience synchronies with numbers like 11:11. When in nature you may think the wildlife is communicating with or playful with you. We are excited about EVERYTHING! We think this’ll lasts forever and when it doesn’t we may start to panic and think something went wrong. I assure you that everything is working out and you will soon be pushed forward to learn and grow. We may have rituals to get us back into bliss and when that moment returns we will feel slight relief. The growing pains will soon begin.

Photo Credit: Jeffrey Smith – West Virginia Sunrise 2020

Phase 3: The Dark Knight of the Soul

This is where our soul brings up all the things that are weighing you down, holding you back and needing to be healed to the surface and to be released. In other words, our soul is our healer showing us the things that are within our self that we don’t want to see yet we need to see in order to heal. Another term used for this is doing the shadow work. This is considered the most difficult stage of our awakening. We become a hermit, have feelings of running away from or escaping from people or situations. We feel the effects of their dense energy. We are tempted to quit or jobs, leave our family and certain friends behind with the drama. People will seem predictable and complain constantly. We will feel alone and misunderstood when we try to explain ourselves. Here is when we are breaking free from karmic cycles. (from this lifetime or other lifetimes.) The emotions you feel are depression, despair, anxiety, lost, out of control. We may even feel like we are dying. In a sense, the old self is dying and our biology is changing. Energetically we are changing. Be patient. This is where the lovely phrase, “this to shall pass”, will be used quite often.

Phase 4: The Void

Here we are at an “in between” moment of our old self and our new self. We can feel lost, anxious and have feelings of apathy. Apathy means; lack of interest, enthusiasm, or concern. We can’t hear Spirit communicating with us. We can’t hear our guides. There are no signs. We feel disconnected and alone but this time it’s different because we stopped turning to friends and family for advice and we’ve learned to find the answers within but they are just not coming to us. We try to hard to get the answers within and we may be in our head too much.

Here is where we need to rest our energy, especially after coming out from doing the shadow work. Don’t try to force things to make them work. Work with the void and you will feel a state of deep peace, do not work against it. This phase is a great time to do some spiritual practices or things that you truly like to enjoy to keep yourself balanced and rested. Everything is going to be just fine. Things will pick up and your creativity and energy will be through the roof. You will amaze yourself with the things that you are capable of doing.

You are about to step in to your true authentic self. This is just the beginning and you will see that you start to come into your own.

Phase 5: Being Grounded

This is where stability begins and we are rooted in our spirituality. We are the calm in the chaos of a wild storm that everyone else seems to be fighting. We sit back and ground in our knowing that everything is alright. Especially when feeling whatever emotions we experience and we know that there is nothing wrong with us. This is where we’ve matured both spiritually and emotionally. People may even comment that there if something different about you. They can’t put there finger on it and may think you’ve changed your hairdo or got a new outfit. The spiritual lessons that we learned over time are brought into and practiced in our everyday life. We come out of the hermit stage that we experienced in the dark night of the soul and feel we are ready to return to regular civilization. We feel strong and we even want to be of service to others. Our energy system becomes powerful. We are powerful manifestors and things start to happen quickly and easily for us. We realize that we create our own reality and that everything that has ever happened to us, we made it happen! The more grounded the more powerful we are. We feel connection again with Source. We are magnetic in this stage! In this phase I noticed that strangers in the grocery store would come up to me and start conversations with me. We have more compassion for others and understand that everyone is doing the best that they can. This phase can last for years.

Phase 6: The Purpose

We are literally a new person that is grounded and powerful. We may even enter this stage without even knowing what our purpose is. I know I did. I made a commitment to just inspire others daily until I knew what my purpose was. We just do the things that we like and that interest us and that purpose may change or expand. We have a deep connection with our purpose. We live this purpose with passion, knowing and confidence. We remember who we are and what we are doing here. We make a commitment to life and this commitment is following our soul path no matter what. We are no longer influenced by outside sources. (People, community, situations, money, circumstances or challenges.)

This whole process is like the caterpillar turning into a butterfly. The caterpillar eats itself into hibernation and forms a cocoon. Eventually the cocoon starts to suffocate the caterpillar. It starts to thrash it’s way out until it breaks free. When it is free, it is now a butterfly. And what a beautiful process. No competition, no judgement, no steps to skip or think that something went terribly wrong. Even though it gets uncomfortable and seems messy, the stages happen exactly how it’s suppose to. The process is very beautiful.

My goal is to put you at ease knowing the side effects in each phase. I had wished that I worked with someone because navigating on my own was a huge trial and error. There were many times my ego got in the way of letting go and moving on but as someone explained this to me it was easy to mark where I was and see the signs of progression. There are even times when I can be in the grounded stage only to experience the dark soul a few days later and work through an issue that I thought I worked out previously. So these stages are not graduation stages. Each time you experience you have a new understanding of what is going on with you.

If you would like to work with me to help you through these phases of a spiritual wakening, I have some tips to help you navigate through step by step.

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