Emotionally Drained to Rejuvenated

We are all made of energy along with everything we buy, eat and surround ourselves with. This concept isn’t dreamy and new agey, it’s science based. We can’t see energy like emotions, infrared or radio waves but it’s all swirling among us and we forget that it’s there. We can feel when our energy levels or reserves in our own body are low. Somedays we feel too exhausted to do the things we do daily even after a night’s sleep. And forget about exercising or stretching, some sort of activity that is great for our physical and mental health. If we let it go on for another day or so we can feel it come to fruition as a cold or a migraine, stopping us in our tracks. Finally to let it all go and actually needing to rest. So today I would like to talk about the most common energy drains. Relaxing in front of the television or scrolling through social media further depletes our energy and motivation to get back on track to living fulfilling healthy lives.

It can be blatantly obvious when we are in or around certain situations that deplete our energy. We sometimes don’t realize that we are actually losing energy, it’s called experiencing low grade anxiety. For example, the people we allow into our lives who may be complaining or overbearing, the conversations we have holding us back, hard decision making, situations or events that are stressful, places like work or being in crowds of people and finally, when we are alone with our thoughts, thinking about someone or something is exhausting. When this happens, we are slowly expending energy until we are energetically deficit. This leads to temporary memory loss, not being present and enjoying the things we are doing. We are giving away our power to people, places or things.

How do we plug these holes and stop our energy from leaking. Becoming self aware is the key and the first step to take. If you want to know more about how to overcome these energy drains and start focusing your power on the things that matter to you the most, you can reach out here at danielle.wood.smith.@gmail.com I will hand you over timeless, in the moment techniques that will relieve you from facing situations like standing in line at checkout, family gatherings, or sitting in aggressive traffic. You will be able to work on yourself to feel compassion for others and improve your relationships with people, see the world differently and respond rather than react inwardly or outwardly. We no longer need to wait until situations change or go on vacation to feel our strength and motivation again. Know that right now you can take your power back and keep it! Don’t hand it over to people who don’t care about you.

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