Why haven’t you hired a health coach?

You don’t have wait to reach crisis mode or hit rock bottom to see a Health Coach. As a matter of fact, when you are on a continuous path of self improvement, you are raising the bar. When you keep reaching for higher and higher standards to improve your quality of life, it’s inevitable that more obstacles will come onto your path. That is a great thing! This means growth! Depending on your perception and how you want to tackle those next steps on your journey, this will either set you up for success or failure. If you fail, you can learn from it, what that means is that it’s not the time to give up. It may be that you need to approach your goal from an angle that you are not aware of.

Hiring a health Coach should not be seen as a luxury, it should be viewed as a necessity. This is an investment in your all around wellbeing. As someone who works in the health care industry, I see the high demand with patients in need of seeing their doctor. With this observation, the Healthcare Provider is unable to spend the quality time they would like to further discuss the elements of living well. Self care is very important in this new time we live in. We no longer need the mindset of continuing down the path of “being busy” to appear important in society. Making small adjustments or improvements and learning to hold yourself accountable is quite empowering. In this new world we live in, we need guidance to navigate through these uncharted times. We need the skills to thrive and we need to find a way to implement our new goals into our daily routine. Doesn’t that make you excited to be alive?!

I can remember a time when I was in survival mode, when it came to my mental and emotional health. Looking back now, I see it as if I was spending my health like my paycheck. I was barely getting by and living week to week. My mental and emotional state was lacking and it was also effecting my eating habits, physical and social health. There were days I spent more energy than I had. I finally made the decision that enough was enough. I now choose to live in abundance, rather than live in survival mode, I live and thrive.

What is a Heath Coach? Let’s start off with what a health coach does not do. They do not prescribe, diagnose, or tell you how to live your life. The health coach’s main goal is to lead the client back into feeling well in a reasonable way. I’ll partner with you to collaborate on ideas that are specific and tailored just for you. We all have diverse needs, desire, routines, commitments, responsibilities and should not live our life as a one size fits all.

What can I hire a health coach for? There are so many great areas to contribute to improving your well being. We can review your diet, exercise and/or sleep routine to make any tweaks. Find ways to manage health issues, addictions, stress, anxiety or disease prevention. If you’ve decided to run a marathon or want to incorporate a meditation practice in your daily routine but not sure how to begin, I’m here to guide you through a style that works right for you. If you are sabotaging your relationships or emotional health. Maybe you want to make a career change, start a family or relocate to another city. Or you want to reestablish your spiritual connection and wants more meaning and purpose incorporated in your life. These are some of the examples of how we can move forward.

How do I to get started? Set up a 15 minute virtual call on Zoom or by phone here. Your next step, you will tell me a bit about yourself, discuss goals and determine how I can support you. Once you decide to work with me, we will set up a payment option for a 6 or 12 week program. This includes 1 hour sessions, twice a month with two 20 minute improvement virtual sessions per month to check in. At the end of each session, you’ll leave with clarity and motivation to execute your program.

Portland, Oregon

When you are ready to take that next step, I will be here for you. In the mean time, be well and take care!

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