This is where the magic happens!

What the heck does this phrase even mean? “This is where the magic happens!”

As a personal trainer, I’ve used this phrase before to cheer on my clients, nearing the end of their session. Involving a level of physical activity to get them out of their comfort zone. A session consisted of determination and hard physical activity. In this moment, I’m so proud of them for showing up and doing the work I say, “C’mon, this is where the magic happens!Saying this to get them through that last final set. Meanwhile, what they are experiencing in that moment is a turning point.

So, I’ll tell you what that phrase means to me. It’s that teeny-tiny moment in time, that split millisecond of a moment when you are doing anything that is just beyond your reach. You think to yourself, do I stop or do I keep going? Am I going to quit because it feels far too uncomfortable or am I going to finish because I’ve came this far?! What’s so wonderful is that in that very moment, you have the freedom to make that choice. So, what’s that decision going to be the next time you are in this situation?

This happens when starting your own business, sticking up for yourself, complimenting or starting a conversation with a stranger on the street, helping someone out, learning to dance or trying a new skill, in your workday- a project or unfamiliar task. Not just in working out but in about anything that gets you out of your comfort zone. This is that turning point. A break through in the terror barrier.

Summer morning of 2020

When focusing on the moments we say yes in those occasions, we feel empowered. It might not be in that instance but when all said and done, when we reflect. It’s that positive tipping point and what it does to us, our physical and mental wellbeing. We are changing our brain and developing neurons or new pathways. (Read any book written by Dr. Joe Dispenza.)

When we say yes, first things first, we realize that we are okay, we are still alive and we didn’t die from the task at hand. We build up our self esteem, we build confidence, we surprise ourselves with our power we hold within. We are proud of ourselves! This is the kind of inner approval we want to strive to seek rather than the need of the approval from others. We have trust, love and respect for ourselves. We just learned something new and we feel accomplished! Sure, it may have been sloppy or flawed but we did it! When it’s over, we feel peace and joy. Relief and freedom. We may even want to try it again! We feel appreciation for the opportunity, the people that supported us through or played a role in that bit.

If you like what I’m saying and would like to learn more, let me introduce you to a guy named Bob Proctor. I highly recommend you find his presentation on YouTube or his website, Proctor Gallagher Institute. He has a powerful model that I learned called the Terror Barrier. It’s the feeling of fear and anxiety you experience when you’re about to push past your comfort zone. He also talks about ways to break through that moment. For me, this was a life changer and every time I see his presentation, I always take a little more away from it. It’s inspiring.

In regards to avoiding that uncomfortable growth, I think it’s necessary in certain moments to push past it. We’ve reached a place where it’s expected things should be comfortable and complain when it doesn’t go our way. We work for the weekends and we sit on our sofa watching Netflix with a glass of wine. We live in a world where everything is at our disposal. Amazon can bring a book or your entire groceries to your doorstep in less than an hour. I want to remind you that if you are comfortable, you are not (living) learning! Your age doesn’t matter and not even the levels of education you achieved make you an expert. Who told you to stop being a student after graduating academia?

There are so many opportunities on this Earth to experience. For the last few months, I make every effort to try and do 5 things a day that make me feel uncomfortable. I challenge you to do the same. I promise, you will not die from embarrassment. This will prime you for those bigger moments when you have to make that heftier decision, making it that much easier. You’ll experience things or meet people that you’d never had the chance if you didn’t face that challenge that brings you to that next level! Go get it!

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