Progressive Muscle Relaxation and Auto Suggestion

In my yoga practice, I like to include a muscle relaxation and auto suggestion technique to help with relaxing the body before the final relaxation of Savasana. For those that don’t practice yoga, Savasana is the final resting pose at the end of almost every yoga practice. Lying on your back, arms at the side, palms facing up and feet are hip width apart. This allows the body to take in all the benefits of your practice into muscle memory, mind and nervous system. It allows the physical body and nervous system to return to your baseline. After an intense class, Savasana is the cherry on top and to be still for a brief moment before starting your busy day or after a long day exhausting day of work.

This piece that I’m sharing with you today takes less than 10 minutes and is particularly a great task to complete before bedtime. This practice lowers blood pressure. When you can control your breathing; your mind will relax, your heart rate will follow. Tensing and releasing your muscles is a great letting go exercise to gauge the significant difference in the way your muscles feel before tensing the body and after. Mentally telling your body to relax is a great way to get your body to listen. So give yourself the gift of relaxation, find a quiet spot and click on this link and listen to these instructions in finding stillness in the body.

Miami, Florida February 2020

If you are still having trouble trying to relax during this piece, for example: your mind races or you start to fidget or have restless legs, try and stick with it until the end. It may not feel like it’s working because your body is trying to fight something new. Give it 40 days. Forty days is what is takes for a new habit to form. Remember this only takes less than 10 minutes. That is not a lot of time. I know you can overcome this quarrel within after a few tries.

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